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!DS/!DT: Angelic Pretty Sugar Hearts Skirt in Pink
Sugar Hearts Skirt in PinkCollapse )

Heart/star deco-lolita-fairy kei hair clip/brooch accessories!
Heart hair clip/brooch- $6 shipped
(paypal only)

Heart shaped furry lolita/fairy kei clip or brooch
Has chain link connecting it to a mini heart by request (free)
Let me know how you want it to look! I can leave things off or add things on (:
I can make them using pastel or black buttons, white pearls, black or pink pom poms, black or pink ribbons, pink or black chain
All white, all black, all pink, or pink/yellow/blue yarn (:
Perfect for any sweet lolita or fairy kei outfit :3
heart clip/brooch

I also can make any star shaped or lolipop ones as well!

Made the day of order and shipped the day after
If you have any questions PM me or email me at kjvrat@gmail.com

Sugar Hearts jsk or skirt
I figured I would use my first post as an introduction as to why I started a livejournal!

I am here to find my dream dress/skirt!
Currently on the hunt for Angelic Pretty's Sugar Hearts JSK or skirt
I am not interested in the OP whatsoever

Every colorway is gorgeous to me!
Especially pink and lavender

It is just difficult with my budget, and so all I ask for is for someone to allow me a deposit to hold it for me
or to allow me to pay in payments! 
I promise to you I am trusted, and if I could pay in full I honestly would.  

Having Sugar Hearts would make my confidence grow higher,
and there is nothing more to me than feeling amazing in lolita

So, please if you have one for sell PM me or email me at 




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